Open Data Research Annotated Bibliography

Open Data Research

Help us to discover and tag the best social research into how open data operates in practice.

You can contribute to the Open Data Research Bibliography in a number of ways:

  1. Add new articles to our Zotero group (HowTo)
  2. Use the tagging features in Zotero to annotate an existing article (details below)
  3. Experiment with the data and provide your own analysis (details below)
  4. Share your feedback on the tagging schema and choice of articles in our LinkedIn group
Annotated articles will be imported into this interactive bibliography viewer.

Tagging content

The research handbook describes how to use Zotero to add structured tags to each article, and how to add extracts.

Scripts to refresh this interface should run every 24 hours, with changes to tags reflected within that period. If this does not appear to be happening, get in touch.

Working with the data

At present exhibit json databases are available for articles and annotations.

The processes that talk to the Zotero API to generate these are available as small python scripts on GitHub and could be adapted to provide other kinds of data output.