Open Data Research

What insights can be gathered from the research literature on open data? This project aims to find out by reviewing and cataloguing the landscape of publications.

We've been maintaining a shared bibliography for the Open Data Research Network since 2013, featuring new publications in our monthly newsletter. In order to dig deeper into the contents of these articles, we set up a structured taxonomy to tag them for geographical, thematic and sectoral focus, and to explore which articles included evidence of impacts from open data.

This site presents a simple interface based on simile exhibit for browsing the resulting collection of articles.


Contact questions-odr@webfoundation.org with any enquiries about this project.


This project was carried out by The World Wide Web Foundation, with support from the Open Data Institute and the Partnership for Open Data (now part of the Open Data for Development network)

The literature review and analysis was carried out by Emmy Chirchir, with input from Tim Davies and Tom Heath. The draft interface was developed by Tim Davies.